Random Facebook comment picker

The easiest way to pick winners from Facebook.


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Description automatically generatedRandom-Facebook is a free online tool for picking winner for event on Facebook, likes a lucky draw, raffle, or contest. 

In other word, this tool is random winner generator of Facebook giveaway.

Just copy your Facebook post URL and paste at https://random-facebook.com/.

For using random-Facebook, these are 3 steps to pick winners from Facebook comments.


1.          Copy and paste post URL at random-facebook.com


COPY:  right click at the date and time of post, then click Copy link.


PASTE:  right click and paste URL at www.random-facebook.com , then click Continue.

2.        Type captcha and choose function to export for Excel.


Export to Excel:  click Download Excel.

Start random winner picker:  click Lucky draw.


Try it: Select Like, Share or Comment to export Excel file.

You will get different information in each file.


3.        Raffle the winners / get Excel.


Pick random name:  click Random! for picking the winners, it can pick multiple winners by click Random! again.


Data in Excel (xls):  In worksheet, there are post information such as profile name, comments, and timestamp. Moreover, view source will lead to the original comment.



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